My Libran Soul

Written by: Nigel Fawcett

The scales torture me
    as every day I try to regain my balance
    why was I born to this sign?
    it drives my mind to distraction
    it tears my heart in two

My soul fights for imbalance
    as every day it seeks to tip the scales
    in favour of all that is good
    all that is just
    all that is beautiful

Every act of kindness that I witness
    lights a candle in my soul

Every voice raised in anger
    sees one go out

I cannot live in darkness
    it eats away at me
    it destroys me

So I live my life lighting candles

I will not rest until there is no anger
    no injustice
    no ugliness in this world

I have finally come to understand
    that the weight of evil
    is very heavy indeed
    that the balance cannot be tipped
    until the darkness
    is banished, forever

Every day my soul shines a little brighter
Every day my heart is a little less broken
Every day my mind finds a little more peace