Just Another Happy New Year

Written by: Marilyn Hernandez

Another year of poverty and grief
To stand on welfare lines for dough
To beg the government, the biggest thief
For what I deserve, and what they owe

I can laugh and cry at the drop of a dime
This isn’t the life I was meant to live
And feeling hope is a waste of time
When I used up all I had left to give

I wish Kutcher could say “you’ve just been Punk'd”
And Murry could tell me “Trump is your father”
If life is a school, I’ve surely flunked
And I’m wondering why I even bother

Can’t off myself either, I’d die with regrets
Ten thousand dollars is the Reaper’s fee
It’ll only add to my parent’s debts
Because nothing in life or death is free

Go on and shrink my masochistic brain
Nothing cures poverty like an addiction to pills
Replace my love for self-sabotaging pain
With a dependence on numbing refills

Money can buy the happiness I need
So like a starving dog, I beg and yelp
I ask God for money, but not out of greed
But because it’s the only thing that can help

New panic attacks set in for ‘09
No job, no money, no cure for my fear
Just another day to pretend that I’m fine
It’s just another happy new year