Riding Toward the Light

Written by: Glen Enloe

(for Rod Nichols)

Oh, there’s a campfire up ahead
In the smoky darkness of night,
That holds the hopes and things we dread
As we go riding toward the light.

Those wagon wheels just keep spinning,
And all our life’s but one wild ride;
Our end is but the beginning
As we let all our dark thoughts slide.

And when the warmth of youth expires
As all our years of living pass,
We seek the wisdom of campfires
Amid gold mesas and green grass.

But then we gathered by your fire
And shared our words of bygone days;
Raw hands and poets in your hire,
Lost in the prairie’s pulsing haze.

And as we watched you drink that joe 
And fling away the final drop,
We know that soon we all must go
To gallop skies that never stop.

Yet, there was much you had to do
To make sure you had left a mark,
And though you knew you’re never through,
You lit a light within our dark.

Yes, still we sit around fire flame
And now reflect on things we’ve done;
Knowing our ends are all the same,
As we recall your glints of sun.

There’s still a campfire for the crew
As we now drift in glowing night;
Yet, you left far more than you knew 
As we go riding toward the light.