Who Am I.....?

Written by: Breana Wiggins

Who am I...?

I am the lost little boy left in the rain
I am the lost girl waitin for a friend
I am the addict that can't get enough
I am the killer that just killed another

Who am I...?

I am the rain tryin to wash away pain
I am the friend willing to reach out to grab your hand
I am the drug you cant refuse
I am the bullet that just killed you

Who am I...?

I am your sister that just got kidnapped
I am your brother that just got robbed and stabbed
I am your father that dont want nothing to do with you
I am your hell that wants to taunt you

Who Am I...?

I am your angel that will watch over you
I am your saftey zone that will never let you steer wrong
I am your friend when you need to talk
I am your Haven that will never let hell hurt you...