Written by: Baboloki Ramolemana


                  Trust is dust and often it’s unjust
            Trust is empty and it’s a fool’s comfort
                      Trust is just an emotional trap
                Trust is just a justification for hope
          Trust is superficial and it is not beneficial
                           Trust is just an idea
                          Trust is rusty and nasty
                           Trust is not an oath
                        Trust is not a covenant
                    Trust is just a state of mind
   Trust is just a justified excuse to obscure the truth
                       Trust overcasts the truth
          Trust is like lust its untrue and unjust
             Trust is not a must for a just love
                    Trust is not the crux of love
           Trust is a musk worn to oust the fuss
        Trust is non-exist ant and far too distant
               Trust is not a plea of allegiance
Trust is only hope, the hope that your only just and justified   hope is Not betrayed, I do not 
trust I only hope that the truth in something that I am led to believe in does not change 
therefore I keep hoping and hence there no reason to   talk