Billy The Kid

Written by: Lawrence Ingle

He traveled alone, rode town to town,
A campfire here, a cowhand there,
Billy the kid kept roving around,
Always headed somewhere,

One certain day he rode into town,
His forty-fives strapped to his side,
Just to stop and drink one round,
Then continue on with his ride,

He hitched his horse, and went in thru,
The front tavern bat-wing doors,
He didn't see anyone he knew,
Just a couple cowboys and some _hores,

He moseyed on up, ordered a drink,
Sarsapirilla I'll have here for me!
Down the hatch, smooth as a wink,
Then he was given another for free,

He thanked the man kindly, turned around,
To leave thru the bat-winged door,
A cowboy stood up and stared Billy down,
Lookin' for trouble and more,

[Cowboy]: Hey boy! let me teach ya ta shoot!
Come"ere gimmee that there gun!
If'n ya don't I'm gonna plant this 'ere boot!
I'll show ya how the real west is run!

[Billy]: Mister, I'm not here ta play!
I've dealt with yer kind before,
So please kindly step outa my way,
And be thankful if ya don't see me no more,

[Cowboy]: Boy! yer messin' with Danger!
And yer jawin's 'bout ta seal yer fate!
[Billy]: Mister, yer soon to be Dan the damned man!
If yer gun ain't shootin' fast 'n' straight!

Like a rattlesnake springin' from the devils hand,
Billys gun cleared his holster so fast!
His bullet knocked the gun from the cowboys hand!
In a single straight shot blast!

[Cowboy]: Ain't never seen a gun so fast!
As the one ya shot sure coulda killed me!
Should ya pardon my trouble, may I ask...
What is yer name....really?

[Billy]: Mister, it's how ya live, not how fast the gun...
that makes a man a man,
Most my life's been on the run,
Killin's no future or plan!
I'm stranger to most, still livin' the past,
Feelin' bad in what I did,
Some crossed my path, ain't here ta boast,
"I'm Billy The Kid!"