give me your eyes

Written by: myishia williams

Can I use your eyes

To see your life

To understand why

You are the way you are

To see why you hurt so much

Why your body no one can touch

Why your heart is shattered

And to you nothing matters

Can I use your eyes

To see inside your soul

To remind you of your glow

That you seem to have lost along the road

You choose not to share

Tell me why

I need to know

Trust I can care for you

I only need a one time show

Can I use your eyes 

To help guide you

To a better life…

A better place…

Out from under this dark state

And into a world of love

You’ve been down for so long

Do you know which way is up

Wouldn’t you rather be on top

Your life doesn’t have to stop

If you would only let me use your eyes….

For you I could make things rights.






Copyright ©2008 Myishia Williams