marry me HIP-HOP

Written by: myishia williams

At times like this.

When I get hot flashes.

And leakage between my thighs

I can always depend on you to take me there

To take me to a level of highness

You cleanse my body

Making my soul warm

What you do for me … no other has come close

The sounds you send out

Makes my body numb

You make my knees weak

Just hearing the words you preach

Knowing their meant just for me

So much passion you provide

In between the lines making me feel so good

So good I began to cry

My life is all about you

And I belong to only you

Sometimes I wish we could

Go on and just get married

Become one and live without others worries

Can you feel the love imp given 

Because I can hear your love in the lyrics

The love you offer me

A love like this

With another doesn’t exist

Because I know of no man

Who understand me like you do

Who puts me first an the love never stops

And if others still don’t understand

Its not man I love

I’m in love with Hip-Hop




Copyright ©2008 Myishia Williams