thank you for the letter's

Written by: alisa cook

setting here missing you like crazy' readin over and over the letters you wrote me
wishing i could come and see you  to tell you how i feel when your not here i'm missing you . 
i hope you feel this lonely too.
i hope i'm the only one who feel's your heart with happyness and love and hope you know 
that your the only one my heart is looking too.
i never felt so much in my heart but if i did it had to be when i was a kid .  cause i dont 
rember feeling touched ,and tickled, and loved as much as you are showing me now ,
and i hope these feeling's we feel together right now at this very min last's forever and ever. 
right now your my everything ' to me .
and i just hope you can see and feel that coming from me when were together..