Written by: Alayande Stephen

As they leave,
They leave for us 
Calabash full of sorrow and agony
They leave for men a plate of frustration
And desperation.

As they leave
They leave for women nothing
But cups of tears and fears

As they leave
They leave for old ones a basket
Full of fruits of ultimate death and shame

As they leave
They leave for workers a big bowl 
Of empty promises, unpaid salaries
And incessant strike actions

As they leave
They leave for students a stabbed
And crippled students’ union,
Ramshackle and “Renopainted”
Halls of Residence

As they leave
They leave for our generation a loss compass
From which we can find and rediscover our
Moral values, valuable culture 
Instincts of deliberative governance and 
Leadership cum administrative acumen

As it is
We are living with fear of gbu-a-gbu-a 
Of daylight gunshot of the emboldened to 
Extort, encouraged to maim and induced to kill
Ultra-fascists campus cult groups commissioned
To crush all seeming oppositions

As is it
We are living with:-
Biochemists without reagents
Microbiologists without modern microscopes
Linguists without modern language laboratory
Computer students without
Being opportune to hold a mouse
Physiologists without bloodbank.

As it is
We are living with 
Dike archaic books and non books materials
Students and staff  basking in the euphoria
Of stone age and ancient facilities.

As it is
We are living in a garden that detest truth
Genuine intellectualism, dissent views and
Contrary opinions but rather nourishes in
Multi-colour ignorance, white lies, 
Ever green concocted disortions,
Oceanic blu-i-sh sycophancy and reddish intolerance
Which is only reminiscences of the black jackboot
Days of the Abacha junta.

Alayande Stephen. T