Written by: Julius Mendoza

There are people like us who will leave
without traces: a shadow
passing the untrained eye. 
Look up there! Yes, I think you know
what I mean. Do not be afraid of your own
reflection. No it isn't, it is you.
The fishes are wide eyed wondering
what you are thinking, lying in here
naked. The shells are crowning 
you now, oysters, mussels, sea cucumbers
and a red anemone at your navel.
An intrusion to the corallic world. There your body
up there in a battered boat called love
and life and living and loving and other things.
hahahaha....yes it is a mystery how 
that boat with a hole could not sink
but you did.
Can you hear me? Sound travels
faster in water so I heard. Deep
down there I can hear 
you but I am saddened by you
and your constant effort to escape
this calling, these