Written by: Caroline Lohrey

Am I stupid?
I don’t think I am…..
But then the stupid ones rarely think they are stupid.
So, I am stupid! 
But I know the smart one’s always say that! 
Should I ask someone?
No, that’d sound stupid.
What if they said I was? 
I don’t know if I could bear to know that and still try to learn.
But what if they said I was smart?
That would be spectacular! 
But, would I get arrogant?
I cannot stand the thought.
So, in thinking I am stupid, that makes me smart;
 But when I think I’m smart, dose then dose that make me stupid? 
This crazy junk is making my head spin, I feel so stupid.
Should I say unintelligent instead? How about brainless?
Dimwitted? Senseless? Foolish?
Now I feel smart, with all those good words!
But then again, I might just be acting stupid.