Music without lyrics

Written by: Caroline Lohrey

I have a song stuck inside my head; and it won’t let anybody but me see it. 
Believe me, I’ve tried and tried to make it come out.
It just says ‘No.” and crawls about.
I can’t put into words this feeling, this idea inside my mind. 
When I finally gather up the bravery to try and coax it out,
it becomes a copy of another man’s genius. 
I can’t force it, and neither will if flow. 
It is a story I’ve tried to write over and over again,
but it gets lodged in my pen.
It clots on the paper, refusing to prove its existence. 
But with that rebuttal, it also makes any creativity impossible.
It unsettles my thoughts, and mixes my dreams.
Wrinkling my mind, it creates a crack in my brain.
It is a crack that can only be filled with its music;
the music that refuses to come out.
And so I sit, writing all these complications from my mind,
hoping that maybe the song will slip out between the spaces.
My mind is too crammed with thoughts and ideas to embrace anymore lyric-less music.