My Eternal Life

Written by: Sarrah Lou Tavera

As I grasp this pen I hold,
And search what's within this paper,
"Don't let go" from my conscience I've been told
'Cause you will never find a better lover.

All my life I have been kept in prison
Locked in a chamber of mystery
Paradise was something I could only dream of
'Cause this place I dwell on is of misery.

So from then on I felt nothing...
No freedom, no joy, no love.
Everything around me seems like dying
'Cause I knew there's nothing more I could have.

Never did I thought that I would be free,
Free as a bird as I wish I could be,
Never did I thought that I could see,
'Cause I was blind, that I couldn't be me.

All these are thanks to you,
my love, my life, my strength,
I know now that I'll never be sad, I'll never be blue
'Cause in you I found more than love and that's a friend.

A friend that would treat me right
No matter how they pull me back
You are always ready, for me, to fight
So that I could set my own path.

So thank you so much for everything
and please tell me that you'll never change
Don't take away my reason for living
'Cause its you I want to love and be with 'till I fade.