You Caught My Fancy

Written by: Raymond Emeka-Mbah

It was on a Sunday night,yes I am sure,for it's all 
coming back now and vividly too as if it was yesterday.
The night was clear with the brightness of the moon 
like a glowing dot on the blue night sky.I was walking 
home after having a good time with my friends.I was in 
a happy mood as I strolled pass on the street.
As I looked,something caught my attention.
Involuntarily I double checked to know what pricked
my consciousness so.Behold, behind the flickering 
light of a home-made lantern,sat this beauty.I meant
to continue my walk,but my legs as if in consonance
with the activities of my brain and the control of 
my mind,took me to her.
I greeted her,and with the light dancing in her 
sparkling eyes she responded.When she spoke,it was with
a charming smile and an alluring gap-toothed dentition,
coupled with a sonorously infused velvety voice.I was 
captivated.I intended to spend a few minutes but ended 
up spending over an hour with her.She has an adorable 
physique with such a poise.I have been addicted to her 
ever since.
But she has not afforded me the opportunity to express 
what I feel inside me for her,nor has the situation
provided itself.There seem to be many of us seeking her 
attention.I don't know if this personality I fell for is 
her true person or a persona.One thing I know is that 
she caught my fancy.Who am I talking about if not you.
Yes,you Baby.You are the Beauty that Caught my Fancy.