Writers Block

Written by: Astrid Ivy Gibbs

I put you down for quite a while
To please an angry crowd.
I sat you in a cluttered pile,
And left you disavowed.

I promised to restore your pride,
Your valour and your flair.
I put my paper by your side
To keep you warm in there.

Two months later you were hidden
Far beneath my gain.
My once dear friend was overidden
By a coffee stain.

I picked you up, brushed you off
And pressed down once again.
Nothing came to me in thought,
For chaos had set in.

I kept on trying to create,
But I couldn't calm my mind.
There was too much on my plate.
The words I could not find.

So, now I'm trying once again
Though, not my greatest work.
Forgive me soupers; forgive me pen!
I've been a great big jerk.