I Hear Music

Written by: Lefika Maine

I hear music in 
The rhythm of my heartbeat
And take solace in knowing 
Its melodies my heart bleeds
The sorrows of my ancestors 
Are expressed in the deepest songs
That seem to resonate 
From the head that I sleep upon

I hear music through
The sound of the silent scream
From a child deprived of
The freedom to cry in need
My inspiration is drawn 
From the symphony that is you
As visions of your beauty 
Gave me wings and I flew

I hear music through 
The words that the women speak
The mysteries of their pain 
And hurt makes my spirit weep
This is tragic so I’m sinking
Deep in a mystic sea of suffering
The tears of my spirit
In turn are given frequency

I hear music in 
The undertones of a Praise Poet’s verse
As he continues to throw
The potent spoken word
My body is submerged in music
And my feeling is song
All of life exudes music
And so we’re singing all along