Our Love

Written by: Mickey Pig Knuckles

" Our Love "

Down to the end of my pencil
emotions I cannot erase
capturing the warm glow in my eyes
you always make my heart race.

Being so beautifully graceful
you shine above them all
I have placed you high on a pedestal
where you will never fall.

There is no word yet created
that can truly summarize
this emotional feeling that I get
when you look into my eyes.

It is truly amazing to me
how you have lifted me off the ground
standing so still and not moving
while hearing the most beautiful sound.

There is only one sound or noise
that I will ever want to hear
its your beating heart full of love
when to me you come near.

I love the feeling of your arms
snuggly wrapped around my waist
gently prompting me to kiss you
and receiving my favorite taste.

I am wanting to always be with you
making me never want to leave
my heart is beating just for you
its stronger than I could ever believe.

Our Love is like a flame that burns
from within our souls so deep inside
gaining everything when I found you
I am so blessed you are my bride...