Robinson Island

Written by: Ciss G

I had an Ananas
Served by a Barefooted waiter
Around a Bonfire
When the Boats came in
Through the clear waters
The Cameras went Click Click
As the Crabs ran into the sea
We dried our towels on the Dwarf  palms
The Excitement made the Fishermen drink Safari Cane
And Goody joined the Giriama dance.
And the German swung in the green Hammock
There was Hot water in the  showers at midnight
Children of the Island don’t like to fish
She taught me the value of the Mangrove
As we  sunk the seeds in the Mud
The New age walls are something
And Omari loved Riding in the boat
Forgot all about the Rusted  shower heads
Sleeping under nets in the Sand
Alerted us to Sunrise
And  Seashells tattooed our faces
The Salty water and Smoke
Soaking in the Sun and building Sandcastles
With Sea weed from sparkling sea water
Telling Tales under a star studded sky
Terse smiles from in-laws who were shy
The Watermelon was super.