Sickness of Fear

Written by: Michell Reddy

She lies in bed
Too afraid to reach out 
And touch the lamp
Too afraid to hope
She sinks into the darkness. 

Fear can kill. For her it’s murder.
She closes her eyes and opens them quickly
Scared the night will take her
And she chants to herself
Her last rites

Eyes wide open
Endless thoughts, unspoken on her lips. 
Nature upsets the night
And for her it’s a death rattle. 
She pretends not to listen, 
Yet feels it seep beneath the window
Poisoning her mind. 

Her eyes are closed 
Longer than they are open
She can smell the earth now
Her coffin collapsing 
She wants to scream she’s still awake. 

But the night has taken her
Silenced her screams
Buried her…
She breathes deep
Her last breaths 
Before she sleeps.