the sea and i

Written by: Nigel Fawcett

a nonentity
almost invisible when I am tired
all too obvious when I am angry
i can be gentle
i can be boisterous
i constantly frustrate
i ignore you when you call me
i come rushing when you don’t
i get tired of playing on my own in the mountains
i get tired of kicking up a storm in the deserts
i love to dance
i love to sway with the trees
i love to chase the clouds
but most of all i love to play with you
for you are my spirited soul mate
you enjoy my rough caresses
you swell to my touch and throw me salty kisses
we twist and coil in passionate embrace
before landing exhausted on the soft sand of unsuspecting beaches
sometimes i make you boil
sometimes you send me into a spin
but wherever else i am in this world
i can always taste your briny breath
and always yearn for your buoyant company