Another Special Blessing

Written by: Mickey Pig Knuckles

" Another Special Blessing "

Another Special Blessing on this beautiful morning
the golden sun is kissing her graceful smiling face
she is patiently awaiting entrance to gods great kingdom
soon he will come and take her soul through his loving grace.

Her death was standing ready right next to her bed
medical gadgets and machines were scattered all around
I was praying and hoping while looking down at her
my sad face had heartfelt tears slowly running down.

I held her hand and kissed it while standing next to her
for this sudden death to come and do its final worst
I felt a hand of warming comfort rest upon my shoulder
I slowly turned and I was hugged by her precious nurse.

She said she is fading quickly, but she is in no pain
this precious nurse with heartfelt love to me she softly said
"she got to have her family and lived a good long life
she is going to god's kingdom eternity straight ahead.

I made her room my first stop on this beautiful morning
I was there to help her to live another day
seeing that she was tired and with so little strength
I gave myself a moment and I bowed my head to pray.

I opened up her window to let the morning in
god's precious gift of nature I wanted her to see
a golden ray of sunshine coming from the sky
the hand of god had finally come to set this woman free."

This precious nurse had hugged me while we were standing there
she left me with a big warm smile as she walked away
I was feeling her compassion with her heartfelt love
This precious nurse is Another Special Blessing on this ending day...

Penned By MPK

Quote: Life Is Poetry In Motion, Great Poets Reflect Emotion...

Quote: The Best And Most Beautiful Thing In The World Can’t Be Seen Or Touched
It Must Be Felt With Your Heart...