The Path of Knowledge

Written by: Saint Andrew Joseph

Our search for perfect knowledge has led us
Through a perilous journey, from the scotching sun
Of the distance river in the Savannah
Across oceans, and snow white
Mountains of the Yankees
Some  drank from the fountain of knowledge
And were gratified by it relish
But I seek the waterfall that leads
To the abyss of wisdom
Where She takes her clean bath
of justice, fortitude, honesty, and temperance
And dries her body with moderation

 I must strive to conquer time
So that my dreams of seeking her
May not by put to slumber
By the inevitable visitors of our lives

I seek her who does not choose colour
She embraces even the coloured
We must all ask for
Her humble halcyon hand in marriage
Irrespective of our religion, age, or race

They can only hide her from us
But cannot stop us from seeking her
We must all strive to conquer time
So that our dream will not be put to slumber

For all poetry soup Scholars,
keep acquiring wisdom in
writing poems