fantasies of a nunn

Written by: Neo Bridgette Kitso

Do not just touch me
because you can
make me sense explosions
when you plant your fingerprints
against my skin
and send little messages 
through my blood rush

make me want to be 
a slave to the sin
that our eyes commit
when they meet
Bless me with your lips
and make me beg for breath
hold me delicately,for my skin
crusts and bruises easily

comfort me with little trails
of your fingers against my back
and await my response
love me not by word 
but feeling,make it seem 
as though your world revolves around me 
but do not let that be so true

whisper sweet nothings to my ear
as we wait on the train to home
make me feel bizzare
in an exciting but calming groove
let me reach out for your hand
and wherever our hands meet
 should pour

make me clumsy
but understand that you
drive me a little too wild
for my own good and that 
i need you in every living way...