Help Clear My Doubts

Written by: Mickey Pig Knuckles

" Help Clear My Doubts "

Seeing my knight in shining armor
I see him as I sigh
knowing he shares himself with others
their love he would all deny.

Yet he does not venture forth
to the one who needs him so
something secret holds him back
its a fact I need to know.

Sharing our special meetings
destined to all be hid
how can our true love flourish?
Please answer me, I bid.

Help Clear My Doubts, my special one
show me that you are all mine
you know the love that I give
is forever to be thine...

Penned By MPK

Quote: Life Is Poetry In Motion, Great Poets Reflect Emotion...

Quote: The Best And Most Beautiful Thing In The World Can’t Be Seen Or Touched
It Must Be Felt With Your Heart...