Straight Up Star Wars

Written by: Woodrow Lucas


I was in an empire, part of the rebellion,
I was luke and han solo,
Takin' photos, of a world in love with chedda'
Prayin' all day for things to get betta'
Askin' Yoda in the sky for some wisdom,
Sherley Chism, and Rosa Parks were my idols,
Strong, black, beautiful, brazen, blazen, amazen, silos,
Of a song my momma taught me,
Lift every voice, express my choice, and drop bombs of knowledge,
I went to college, battlin' brains insane with myopic fits of schizophrenia,
With my pen, rebukin' sins of the fathers,
Puttin grandma's in chains, and straight killen my father's manhood,
Knowin, we could, we should, we would strive higha,
Christ's fire ignites me,
I gave my life to the almighty,
Cause in my sight he, fought for the downtrodden,
Rotten souls oppressin' billions,
Takin' pills and smoken' pipes for just a moment,
Of escape from rapin' carpet baggas hatin' saggas,
But just 5 years prior,
I heard a man with mad desire, for a chryos explosion,
Straight fusion, taken hatred and morphin satan into fury,
Hope was his cure he, took his orders from the savior,
And he made a, believer out of me and my whole country,
All at once he, took the reigns of insane branes and made us lighter,
Like brighter, with a burnin' burden like phroto bagins in the shire,
I walk this ring, of light and dark within my conscience,
But after months this, whole thing is startin to make me higher function,
I got this unction, to tell you about a pending celebration,
Elation has caught hold and now a nation,
Is about to be free of race and miscegenation,
Straight up star wars in this joint,
Because the deathstar is destroyed,
I trust the force, and soon my boy,
Will have his moment,
On mountain's top and God straight smilin'
Stylin' profilin' cause yo, a change is comin'
Start Stumin' new songs, of like redemption,
Cause we makin' marley proud and I got shrouds of evidence,
This fence is fallin' like back in europe,
Like the moons becomin' suns we makin runs to polls and soon guns suns they will be smokin'
Mad open, people get ready,
Straight steady, kill Freddy, cause this nightmare on wall street is ova,
Move ova George W, and sing a new song,
Straight Star Wars!