Eternal Updrafts

Written by: Alex Conrad Seno

Soaring upon the healing caress of eternal updrafts
Void of the thundering roars of man made mobile crafts
The songs of Mother Mountain echoing in perpetual silence
Piercing my heart like a plague of dreadful pestilence.

Barren from swords of men that slashed and burned
Wounded by those greedy hearts that scorned
Her lush emerald crown adorns her head no more
With teardrops of dew wasting in destruction galore

Upon her bosom I rest my tired wings
Weak and uncertain of what the future may bring
to all the creatures of mother mountain
Who now weep in mournful disdain.

Do you not see the loss your greed has wrought?
Our home, our emerald shelter covers us naught. 
Left to wither and die under the searing heat
Can’t you hear the silence of her heartbeat?

My cries echo upon the barren earth
Tearfully letting go from my beloved perch
As I spread my wings, the winds to catch 
To soar upon the caress of eternal updrafts.