The argument

Written by: Christopher Wellbelove

Sounds of adults shouting 
Banging, footsteps, more shouting
A mans voice gets louder and louder
A woman screams
A child, about 8 or 9, a little boy
Standing in the middle of a tired kitchen
His sobs getting louder 
Tears flowing down his cheeks
The shouting gets louder again
Another screams from a woman
The muffled sound of her begging the man to stop
With her screams the boy cries out louder
The little boy is now almost screaming himself
The boy stands shaking with fear
The boy looks out of place
Looks helpless in a kitchen, whilst small, around the tiny child seems huge

The kitchen door flies open
For a moment the little boy is silenced as a fat scruffy man storms into the room
The little boy screams out as the man grabs him and drags him out of the kitchen 
Into the hallway and up the stairs
The little boy is bashed against walls on the way
The boy is dragged screaming by the man up the stairs
A woman grabs the boy
The man and woman struggle
The boys screams get painfully louder 
The woman puts herself between the boy and the man
More shouting but the words not clear
The little boys face is full of fear

A womans hand pushes the little boy into a bedroom
The little boy crawls into a bed 
Sits sobbing but he tries to hide the sound of his crying
Muffled with a teddy bear he holds tightly
He look up for a second out the window 
As if searching the sky for a reason why
The little boy rocks just slightly
Shaking, his tiny lips quivering 
As the sounds of adults shouting become more distant
Exhausted the little boy drifts into sleep still sat holding his toy bear
As his tears start to dry
And in sleep he finds some peace