Now,I can die in peace

Written by: Menka Lata Dangi

It happened so, one, fine night,
Strolling along a forest dark,
A figure happened to pass my sight, 
Walking through the cabbage bark.

I stopped myself, and turned around, 
And followed him along...
He was wearing a dirty old gown
Murmuring a soft known song...

I tried to stop him, “Hey you,” I cried,
With  little hope and a little fear. 
He turned towards me and sighed...
How come you, here,” My dear.”

I was astonished to see him there, 
In a condition so weird and worn.
And remembered all, we used to share,
In the village, by the field of corn

“What have you made yourself tell me please?”
“Why do you look this way I began to plea?”
“Look ,Sweet heart I still wait at ease
For you, to come up someday to meet me.”

Memories came up floating free,
And all was clear like the sky.
He was’ my love’ in nineteen century
Whom I betrayed, saying “goodbye.” 

I clasped him tight,” forgive me please”
“But, why didn’t you after all marry?”
“I love only once, and true love never flees 
The burden which till now carry”.

“You have come and my prayers are granted, 
Now I can die in peace”
I stood dumb fold, couldn’t help myself
And the instance came to a cease.

All was gone.., I was in bed,
Now realise, why I am alone today,
“History repeats itself”- it is well said,
I broke ‘someone’s’ heart one day.