Written by: George Anos

What crucifies and flagellates more,
	Keeping silent when betrayed?
	Keeping your smile when trodden upon?
	Or being a martyr for love?

What separates feelings from thoughts,
	Is it blind acceptance of fate?
	Stoic calm in the face of rejection?
	Or un-misted eyes in the moment,
Of final and binding separation?

What imprints memories to mind,
	The burning and stigma of shame?
	The slash and cuts of sorrow?	
	Or the lifetime torment of loneliness?

Who suffers more,
	The terminally unloved and uncared for?
	The lost and rudderless traveller?
	Or the forever remorseful and repentant fool?

Alas my dear, these mysteries, will remain as such to me,
For the simple and magical reason, that I have theeā€¦