Questioning True Love

Written by: Tiana Tillman

Do feelings fade?

Does the love in your heart go away?

Does it happen in one day?

When we say goodbye, will everything be okay?

Will routines in our daily lives remain the same?

Will it hurt, am I supposed to feel pain?

What's the feeling that comes over you when you hear my name?

Is it joy, is it sorrow, is it bitter, is it sweet, is it happiness, is it contentment, or do you just 
feel relieved?

Was I just around to fulfill your needs?

Were we together for you or for me?

I tried to make this relationship the best that it could be

I gave so much of myself, but in return you didn't do anything for me

I didn't want you to completely change...still be you

I just asked that you showed me some respect, that was the least that you could do

I guess we were just playing a game, going through the motions

The love must not have been true

Is that it, was this just a way to pass by time?

Did I mean nothing to you?

Should I have known from the start?

Did I not read the signs?

Was this partially your fault, or primarily just mine?

I don't want to argue and I'm not gonna whine

Just tell me that we were both once in love and it wasn't a waste of both of our times.