The Real Me?

Written by: Tiana Tillman

I'm not afraid of you, 
I'm more afraid of me. 
It's not what I was, but what I'm beginning to be. 
I'm looking at you, your looking at me, 
look even closer and tell me truthfully, what do you see?
Is it me, have I changed what type of person I used to be? 
Let me ask you what type of person do you see me to be? 
Is it good? Is it bad? If I say I'm a b**ch, do you agree? 
If I say I'm an angel, am I confusing you with me? 
How did I get here, what did I do, my path, my future I thought I knew. 
I'm afraid my worst fears are coming true. 
I'm being what I didn't want to be, and doing all the things I said I swore I wouldn't do. 
You agree don't you, you know that these statements are true.
Help me change my ways, I'm at a lost for what to do. 
I keep thinking of what I have become... it's exactly what I told myself I never wanted to. 
I've messed up everything I had going for me, and now I'm the one looking like a fool. 
I'm a bad person, I've turned into someone cruel. 
"Treat others how you want to be treated"....
for goodness sake, I don't even follow the Golden Rule. 
What is wrong, how do I change, how do I go back to what I was all along...
maybe that's it, the reason I can't stop the change, 
maybe deep down inside this has always been the real me. 
Only now I'm professing it to myself and I don't really like what I see. 
So I'm asking you honestly, please tell me what you think. 
Am I being what I'm destined to be? 
Does this mean that these personalities, characteristics, and traits...
are you saying that this is the Real Me?