Written by: Mehak Kawatra

goes on by our lives
never once,
hav we stopped to think
about the men who leave their kids and wives
mothers and fathers
brothers and sisters
we live in a world
that we feel completley unprotected
but we live in a country
that is nothing but protected
everyday we lose precious lives
and then echoes throught the battle field
those unheard wandering cries
rock jazz and rap
our day-to-day tunes
but all those soldiers hear
are bullets and bombs
fighting and warring
countries nations and goons
those poor souls
their lives our filled with sad holes
we pity them
we feel sorry for them
but nevr are we proud of them
why are we so selfish?
we amongst ourselves fight
how do we help those
who free us like a flying kite
those bloody stains
that make us able to grow our crops and grains
the gruesome injuries
that make us live a free life
that pain
that is not worth what we gain
all because of us
who fail to recognize them
who fail to remember them
a minute of our lives
can re-assure
those roaming souls 
and all it will cost us 
is just 
and only just
a minute of our busy lives.