Worshipper of Love

Written by: Mohammad Yamin

I, a long forgotten tune; you, a melody sweet and bold
How will then our reunion be in this splendid world

One is a jewel in the crown, the other dust –no worth
One is the shinning star in horizon, the other part of earth

How to meet the endless yearnings of my brainless heart
It forsakes all that I urge and I decry its part

Priests and preachers are men of vision; I regard them right
I am a humble worshiper of love; with them, I have no fight

In vain are, the prudence and vision, casting their glow and light
Cloaked in the darkness of ones deeds, life is a moonless night

Darkness is casting its shadow on life, but why Yamin, complain
Love, fragrance and colour fade out and not life-long sustain