Know your capacity

Written by: Swarnapali Liyanage

Mind is more mightier than your fleshy body 
Where it surely fixes upon ever known nobody 

May be in cerebrum or somewhere in brain 
Reside endless terabytes of facts in plain 

past recalls, present views, future plans in span 
Save in this secret niche send you back soon 

Don't obey your mind as slave to be a seriel killer 
No matter treat it as master to be a philosopher 

Progidy, telepathy, enlightenment all conceptions 
Explorations, inventions grow in human minds 

Sacrifice, love, hatred, care,creation and devotion 
Who can read what is now in your inclination 

Your powerful unseen wits makes you alive 
Once and while takes you far away deep dive 

Don't try to be an android without mind at all 
Imagine how worth you are on Earth first of all! 

                      By Swarnapali Liyanage