Written by: Mickey Pig Knuckles

" Taught "

Do we all have to pass
through a keeper of the gate?
Many people believe
this will be our ultimate fate.

Where are we all going?
Just what is our direction?
Our lives are full of wonder
we all have many questions.

Where are we all going
as a human race?
Why are we all rushing
at such a quick fast pace?

Why do we get to live?
Whats our living purpose?
Will a reasonable answer
ever come to the surface?

Maybe the faithful answer
is to be within a church
or maybe it could be found
in scientific research.

Maybe we all should reach
for spiritual reality
but we all could be doomed
with hells fatality.

Why do we always strive
to do our very best?
When this could really be
nothing but a test.

Life could even be
an experimental mess
so many different theories
confusion I confess.

In our quest for learning
some kind of living meaning
striving for intelligence
sometimes leaves us screaming.

Is there really someone
a creative superior being?
That many truly believe
is our ultimate king.

What are we here to do?
What are we trying to achieve?
What do you really think?
What do you really believe?

We all have these kinds of wonders
we all have these kinds of thoughts
we all sit and sometimes ponder
these things we all are Taught...

Penned By MPK