Why Oh Why

Written by: Mickey Pig Knuckles

" Why Oh Why "

Why mom and dad why?

Was I destined and born into this life to die
this terrorist war makes many american’s hurt and cry.

our awesome super power america may be going to war
and now I may cease to exist this life no more.

I grew up and finished school with a 3.5
I am so proud to be young and alive.

I am 18 now and so ready for life 
find someone special and make her my wife.

Our current job market and economy is really bad
all of this really makes me mad and so sad.

I joined the army for income stability
and now I must face this ugly reality.

Of fighting a war in a foreign country
and possibly become a statistical casualty.

You see mom, dad, I want to live
I have strong morals, education, lots to give.

I am too young to go to war and maybe die
why mom and dad, Why Oh Why...

Penned By MPK

NOTE: This Poem Won Top Prize In A Major Contest And Is My Gift To All Readers...