All ways on my mind.

Written by: carl dunford

 If I close my eyes,
 I have visions of you,
 when I sleep I dream of you.
 I am always thinking of you,
 in every thing I do,
 It's you, you ,you.
 For some one to have
 this effect on me,
 is odd enough.
 You are some one I
 truly love.
 In my dreams you are
 I put my arm around you,
 to feel you close,
 your hair against my face,
 your perfume,so erotic,
 it makes my heart, race.
 Your lips meet mine,
 I am on cloud nine,
 dreaming of you,
 is some thing I often do.
 I don't want to upset you,
 I can't forget you.
 When I dare to dream of 
 you, night, or day,
 you are with me in every
 When the night greets the day,
 my dreams won't fade away,
 like memories.they are
 here to stay.