Written by: Astrid Ivy Gibbs

From the deep and darkened sea of lust,
On Kythrira's temple shore,
She rose up on a wave of foam;
A goddess to adore,
Described as a beauty filled with love,
In pages of folklore,
But beauty is not what I see
On Kythrira's temple shore.
A life with gifts eternal for
A goddess to adore
So much confusion; heir of Zeus,
or prodigy of war?

Far from the darkened sea she rules,
On her private temple shore.
A feast prepared of sheer delight
To the goddess they adore.
She offered them a tasty feast;
A priestess candy store,
Of Aphrodisiacs that she named
At her private temple shore.

I can see her part re-played; it's clear
She was used much like a whore,
Adorned in gold, and called a pearl
On every temple shore.
Born with seduction as her craft,
This goddess did adore.

She stood much like her statues
With her head up to the sky.
With her eyes up to the sky
She looks much like her virtues,
as she rules upon the shore.
Will she ever lay in ruin,
This goddess they adore?

How sad that someone young and wild didn't get to be a child,
But a goddess to adore.
A poet underneath the trees who called the wind to lend a breeze.
A goddess to adore?
I think not, she was a witch; I would know, I had to switch.
A clever game upon that land, as Satan played a wicked hand.
For he and Venus walked that shore.
She's been his wife along life's shore.