Written by: felix yecla

T-oday is my best day
H-aving recognize God’s Glory
A-ll those years of sacrifices 
N-ot to mention my  happiness
K-neel and  submit to Almighty

Y-es!  I  firmly believe  
O-n this  very  day  I received 
U-nleashing all the fright

L-et all the Christians  recognize
O-nce disturb  in the dark 
R-endezvous of Holy Spirit
D-reams for reality

F-riends, brothers and sisters,
O-nward with God’s Blessing
R-itual of worship from today to infinity

M-ay in this very special day
Y-ield and reap thy  fruits of sincerity

F-ifty years had elapsed
I-gnorance of spiritual life no more
F-ear of the unknowns subsides
T-rue  enough with His guidance
I-llnesses of soul diminishes 
E-at of proper diet not enough
T-oday, tomorrow and beyond
H-appy as the years goes through

B-ring this note as immortal
I-rony to myself as celebrant
R-iddle to my  imaginations
T-hrongs of roses as inspirations
H-ello new world for aspirations
D-ays passed yet  soul surpass
A-ll this time I had  conceive,
Y-es! Paradise is within reach…