Written by: carl dunford

 Confused, and all alone,
 many miles from home.
 Ask me what I am doing here,
 I will say the answer is clear.
 I came to look for you,
 will that answer do.
 Another reason I don't know,
 it all seems so long ago.
 I had this idea, 
 it would not go.
 Yes it was so long ago.

 I had to find out for myself,
 what this was all about.
 I couldn't rest till I knew.
 I had to see, the real you.
 And so I travelled far,
 and wide,to have you by
 my side.
 Yes confused, I may be,
 but never happier, have I been.
 My journey is near the end,
 I have found you,
  my friend.