A Gang Rape

Written by: Muhammad Shanazar

Beside the busy highway,
In the bushes there lay supine’
A despoiled corpse of a splendid damsel,
Scratched, bruised and all nailed,
Her cheeks bore   the prints of teeth,
And marble-white neck blue scars,
Her silky white dress was spotted,
With the dots of blood,
Her delicate white soft shoeless feet,
Were still unharmed,
Her hair was disheveled, added to her grace,
Her eyes half opened, 
As they were looking afar high beyond the sky,
To her dwelling place,
The wronged lips still bore an elegant smile,
If saying, "O! Dwellers of the world be happy evermore,
I depart to my own celestial place,
Where no one will desecrate my sanctity."
Then from the contents of her handbag,
 Some one found out a stained document,
And with blood was inscribed,
"I am Miss Honesty, raped in the dark,
By the custodians of law."