Because You Didn’t Have To Be

Written by: Kirstie Fontes

You are a man first of all than a husband than a Dad. But when I look at you I just 
see the Daddy I’ve always had. You have changed since I was young but for the 
better is all I can say. You’re someone who’ll be there no matter how come, to 
wipe all my tears away. You’ve been my rock on many occasions to which I could 
just lean on. Always there to hold me up, and show me where I went wrong. I can 
always count on your loving heart no matter what you’re going through. You 
learned to love unconditionally which some fathers never could do. My love for 
you is immeasurable and something I hold to be true. You are in my heart, part of 
my soul, and I’d be lost without you. You are so much more than a father to me 
you are someone I look up to. And without knowing I married a man who turned 
out to be much like you. No matter where my life takes me, no matter how much I 
don’t know, you will always be a part of me and my love can only grow!