Let me know.

Written by: carl dunford

Let me know, when the time, is right,
even if it's late at night.
let me know, when your around this way,
let me know,any way.
Ring, or mail, it's up to you,
I haven't got an e. mail address,
to contact you.
 That is what I fear the most,
that you dissapear,like a ghost.
I lost you once,that was enough,
it sounds silly,that was once to much!
I really enjoyed the time spent, with you,
that is when I really knew,
how much, I felt about you.
We seemed, so near and yet so far.
May be I was living,a dream,
too many thing's in between.
What ever the reason why,
my heart will never lie.
So dear friend I will wait,and see,
if you contact me.
I know you often look this way,
when the time is right,
please let me know,
no more can I say.