Written by: Julia Ingolfsdottir

Love in a salted wound
I could wait months, or years for 
For absolute seizure, by your fingers upon my blighted heart
I speak in words like


But its all lost in my disorganization,
Promises I can only hold above my head
Like a great weight
Supporting you and I
As long as you can hold your attention 
Without looking away from my frailties
My own erosions-  that as they fall,
Pass through you, 
Like snow between the bare branches of my heart. 

I am forever winter in the lack of 
Your presence. 
Waiting for the soft sound of your 
Footsteps in the lifeless air. 
Some sign of your journey here,
That does not echo back to me,

This is only a dream.

I wait
and wait
and wait
and there is only....