A Smurf, A Dragon, And A Cygnet

Written by: TAE JUN CHA

I am blue,
So very blue.
Maybe, I am literally blue,
Like that unhappy little Smurf.
I want to have some real friends.

He is red,
So very red.
Maybe, he is literally red,
Like that anger-reddened dragon.
He needs to learn to listen a bit.

She is white,
So very white.
Maybe, she is literally white,
Like that poor frightened cygnet.
She needs to learn to talk a bit.

Hold on a minute, we can all become best friends!
We could definitely bring our grudges to their ends.

My blueness blends well with your redness, mister.
My blueness blends well with your whiteness, miss.
We would become colorful like them rainbows later!
We could help each other and then all be in a bliss! 

Our souls have different colors for each individual,
We must learn to appreciate them; it's always vital.