Sweet Oh Sweet!

Written by: Nadine Fababier

Take me away  for a while
out of this world so vile
Your lavish gifts are near to vanish
but you never plan to leave us punished

In reverie, I  stand here alone
revolving in a world I call my own
where lush green trees are gracefully swaying
where the water is vivid and smoothly flowing

Where oceans are aquamarine
and trees are abundant and green
All of these are God's given grace
All these gifts are worthy of our praise

Sweet oh sweet! You are my sanctuary
poisoned yet you stayed extraordinary
in this moment still the requiem for the insolent
Sweet oh sweet! You remain the cradle for the innocent

Sweet oh sweet! in you I believe
that in times of sadness you are my relief
In the depth of blue waves
Sweet oh Sweet! I'll dive and remain brave!