A Dream

Written by: Muhammad Shanazar

Alongside the wide gray road stood I, 
To watch a procession passed by, 
Of the damsels, rather all in teen, 
Of the same size height and colour, 
The bulk and body; dressed in green, 
But all bore the features quite different. 

Drenched them the incessant rain; 
They passed and passed by jostling, 
In silence in rows long, unendingly, 
Numerous, countless were they all, 
Neither worried, nor did seem happy; 
Glanced they at me with stealing looks, 
And I stood silent with lowering eyes, 
Peeping into innerself like a criminal, 
When brought among the fellow men. 
It confounds, troubles me when I think, 
Whether their plight was shown to me, 
Or mine to them, I could not decide.