Written by: Astrid Ivy Gibbs

Wrath is the most dangerous of the seven deadly sins.
Its magnitude leads to an end, where the other six begins.

It can start with Pride, by hiding ones true feelings and implode.
Then lashing out at someone close, because it was swallowed.

Lust comes in when indignant thoughts, lead to hurtful words.
The victim looks for kindness, and sweet talk comes in herds.

It is often found with Envy, whether it is love or financial gain.
People want what others have, and will inflict the worst of pain.

"Glutton for punishment"; I recall that term, it happens all the time.
Go ahead and hurt me for I am use to that, you slime!

Let's not forget old Vanity, for that is known worldwide.
People suing surgeons for mistakes they cannot hide.

Last but not least, Greed comes to play - with its only friend.
Armed robbery to petty theft; the list will never end.

I know this hardly covers what this word of rage intels.
For Wrath is my worst enemy; it festers and it swells.