21st CENTURY (Composed In 1998)

Written by: Muhammad Shanazar

The added wisdom with the scornful use, 
Will add more to the human miseries. 
A century of conflicts, contending confusions, 
Blurring the minds, hearts, and vision, 

The Dormant Righteousness will be tormented, 
To the utmost extent, the sleeping conscience, 
Will awaken to give the Universal Call, 
To wash contagious, cancerous effects, 
Of faithlessness and too selfishness, 
Uniting the indignant broken hearts. 

An era of violation and use of force, 
When spacey cobras will vomit fire, 
Resulting wide disastrous devastation, 
Erasing the falsified civilizations, 

The Gigantic Guards will receive, 
The grievous injuries in both the eyes, 
Upon the skull, on hard brainy spots, 
Making them blind, desperate mad, 
In Panic trouble they will pant, 
Ravaging around, with thundering roar. 

They will bear upon this fatal fate, 
For poking noses in the world everywhere, 
It is the time to patch spots worn out, 
With the thread of tolerance, and sacrifice.